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Ted has been calling for more than 40 years,  starting in Huntsville, Alabama. He has called throughout the contiguous 48 states, including Hawaii, Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, and Germany.  Presently is the club caller for B-Sharps, Mobile, Alabama. In addition, he provides guest appearances with all of the Louisiana and Mississippi  clubs, as well as ,weekend festivals. He regularly calls 5 to 6 nights per week in the southeastern states, as well as, travels on weekends.  He is a member of American Callers Association, Northwest Florida Callers Association, and Alabama Square & Round Dance Association. Past President of Northwest Florida Callers Association, and Past President of Alabama Callers Association. He is on the staff at Pride RV Resorts, and Southeastern Swing. Current recording artist on River Boat Records. Actively calling Basic Thru A2.

He is married to wife Nancy, and together they have 3 son’s and 6 grandchildren. Ted is retired Information Technology Specialist with the Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center. Ted & Nancy’s free time is spent traveling, camping, and just spending quality time together.


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